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Hariri: Trash to be removed in days
Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri told an interview on LBC channel on Thursday that trash would be picked up from streets within the coming few days, pointing out to efforts he has exerted in that respect.

Hariri also maintained that he did forced MP Sleiman Frangieh to run for presidency. "I met with him, we agreed on many things (...) and I backed his candidacy."

Moreover, he indicated that he had contacted MP Michel Aoun "out of fear of the presidential vacuum." "I see that vacuum is disastrous."

"100% of the Lebanese want a president for the republic. Therefore, we must head to the Parliament and elect a new president. Nothing is preventing us from doing so, unless vacuum is sought," he underlined.

"He who is not heading to the Parliament seeks vacuum," he noted, accusing some sides of seeking to constitute the third of the government to block decisions.

"I want a national unity government. And, if we elect Frangieh, we will reshuffle cards. Therefore, we will be in the equation (...) this country cannot be built by one side alone, this is why we are opting for a president from March 8 camp," he explained.

"I took the initiative and I have been committed to Frangieh. If I didn't do what I did, nobody would have named anybody. We all know that nothing would have happened," he corroborated.

When asked if he would still head to the Parliament if the Sunni lawmakers did not attend the session, Hariri answered that in that event, "we will see accordingly."
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